- The lounge will open two hours (2.0) hours before scheduled kickoff.  


 - The lounge will close thirty (30) minutes after the game has ended.


 - You must have your 2015 membership card to enter.  Memberships will be available at the door for $60.


 - Your card allows you and three (3) guests to enter the lounge at no charge. 


 - Each guest with you (over the 3 allowed) must pay $5.00 to enter.


 - IMPORTANT:  You must be present when your guest(s) first enter the lounge.  Guests are given a ticket to enter.  They must show their ticket anytime they wish to re-enter the lounge during the game.


 - Blue Marlin Signature Catering of Columbia will serve a buffet before every game (Buffet and drink cost will be $9.00 maximum, per person).  They will also serve a la carte items such as boxed sandwiches and salads at a reasonable price.


 - Please respect the crowd control devices at the entrance.  They are there to help expedite your entering the lounge.


 - EXITING THE LOUNGE:  To exit the lounge easily and quickly, please exit through the door at the far right corner (Southwest) of the lounge (at the opposite end from the restrooms).


 - The Lounge is for your use and enjoyment.  Please help us monitor those who use it and keep it a safe and enjoyable place to meet and visit with friends and teammates.

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