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                           ARTICLE      I    PREAMBLE


SECTION 1.       We, former student-athletes of the University of South Carolina;

                            appreciative of the educational enrichment brought to our lives at

                            the University; grateful for the privilege of participating in

                            intercollegiate athletics; and believe in the development of mind

                            and body, do hereby constitute ourselves as the University of

                            South Carolina Association of Lettermen, hereafter referred to as

                            the Association.


                            ARTICLE    II   PURPOSE


SECTION 1.        This association is established to bring the former athletes of the

                             University of South Carolina into a working organization to

                             accomplish the following, to:


  1. assist in promoting the academic and general athletic interests

                                      of the University of South Carolina in keeping with the traditions

                                      that exemplify the highest ideals of competition and



  2. assist in promoting the continued development of the

                                       University of South Carolina athletic programs to the end

                                      that they will rank among the nations finest.


                                 (c)  promote good fellowship among members of the Association,

                                       and foster understanding and good feelings among the

                                       USC athletics administration, coaching staffs, athletes and the



                                  ARTICLE   III   MEMBERSHIP


    SECTION  1.        The first year after completion of eligibility will be free,

                                  however, thereafter no person shall be admitted as an active member

                                  until their annual dues contribution has been received.  The minimum

                                  annual contribution at all levels to be determined by the Board of








    SECTION   2.       Membership in this Association shall consist of four types:


  1. Active:  Any student of the University of South Carolina – Columbia Campus, who has received an athletic letter and completed their eligibility, shall be eligible for membership, voting, and holding office in the Association upon acceptance within the provisions of this



    Spouses of Lettermen who pass away prior to age 80 may continue

    as members in the association as long as they continue to pay the

    required association’s membership dues.  The surviving spouse will

    continue to have the same benefits as that of their deceased Lettermen

spouse.  Upon reaching the age of 80, the spouse will become eligible for becoming a Permanent Block C member, and all rights, etc. are spelled out in section (c) that follows.  Regardless, membership in the

association ceases with the surviving spouses death.



  1. Life Membership:  Any eligible Member who pays the established     

                                       contribution at the time of their membership application shall become a    

                                        Lifetime member.  All rights and benefits of general membership

    established by the Board of Director’s and/or per the association’s constitution become those of the Lifetime member.  Upon the death of

    a Lifetime member, the spouse of the Lifetime member shall continue to receive the benefits until death. At the death of the spouse, the Lifetime Membership ceases and is not allowed to be passed on to children or relatives. 


  2. Permanent Block C Membership:  Lettermen who have reached

80 years of age and who have paid membership dues for the last 20 years, will become a member of the Permanent Block C level

of membership.  All rights and benefits of general  membership become those of the members of the Permanent Block C membership level.  Beginning January 1st following the Lettermen’s 80th birthday, membership will become free until death.  At the Lettermen’s death, the SPOUSE will be able to continue the membership and receive all benefits established by the Board of Director’s and/or per the Association’s constitution.  At the spouses DEATH, all membership rights will cease.  Membership will not be allowed to be passed on to children and/or relatives.


                              (d)  Honorary:  Upon the recommendation of at least three-fourths

                                    of the members of the Board of Directors, and by a majority

                                    vote of those duly qualified members present, the Association

                                    may at any Annual Meeting confer an honorary membership upon

            persons in recognition of exceptional service or accomplishment on




            behalf of the athletic programs of the University, which said mark of recognition, may be evidenced by a written certificate

                                    thereof in the name of the Association, duly authenticated under

                                    the hand of the President.  Honorary Members who pay the annual

                                    dues of Active Membership are entitled to the privilege of voting

                                    but cannot hold an elected office.


                                 ARTICLE   IV   BOARD OF DIRECTORS


SECTION    1.         There shall be a Board of Directors, hereinafter called the Board,

                                 composed of the President, President-elect, 1st Vice President, 2nd

                                 Vice President, Treasurer, and Historian, Immediate Past President

                                 and nine Directors. 


SECTION     2.         The governing body of this Association shall be the Board.  The

                                  Board shall have supervision, control, and direction of the affairs of

                                  the Association, it’s committees, and publications; shall determine

                                  it’s policies or changes therein; shall actively prosecute its

                                  objectives and supervise the disbursement of its funds.  The Board

                                  is hereby vested with power to make rules for its governance which

                                  are not in conflict with the provisions of this constitution; to provide

                                  the number that shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of

                                  business and to delegate to a committee of its members the power to

                                  act on such matters so delegated provided it has informed the Board

                                  for its advice.  


SECTION     3.           Voting rights of Board Members shall not be delegated to another

                                    or exercised by proxy.  Members must be present to vote.


SECTION     4.           The Board is hereby authorized to accept gifts and donations in

                                     name of the Association. Any funds so received shall be forthwith

                                     delivered to the Treasurer for disposition as directed by the Board.

                                     The Treasurer shall make an annual report to the Association

                                     showing the amount and disposition of any such funds received.


SECTION     5.             The Board may at its discretion by affirmative vote of two-thirds

                                      of the Board Members remove any Board Member for cause. 

                                      Any vote to remove a Board Member must be preceded by a

                                      presentation of facts showing cause for removal and shall allow

                                      rebuttal by the Board Member in question.  The process should

                                      be expeditious, but in no case exceed sixty (60) days from receipt

                                      of the presentation of facts.


SECTION     6.             Board Members having three (3) consecutive absences unexcused

                                      by the President shall be subject to removal.







SECTION     1.              The officers of this Association shall be as follows:


  1. President – President shall serve for a term of one year.  The            

    President shall not succeed him or herself.


  2. President-elect – shall move up to the office of President upon the vacancy of the office of President.


                                           (c)   Vice President – 1st Vice President shall move up to the

                                                  office of President-elect upon the vacancy of the office of



    (d)  2nd Vice President – 2nd Vice President shall be elected at the

    Annual Meeting and shall move up to the office of 1st Vice

    President upon the vacancy of 1st Vice President.


  1. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be elected annually and may

    be re-elected to the office.


  2. Historian – shall be an Active or Honorary Member

                                                 appointed by the President with the consent of the Board

                                                 to serve at the pleasure of the President.


  3. Immediate Past President – The President shall assume the

    Office of Immediate Past President upon the conclusion of the President’s term of Office and shall serve for a term of one year.


  4. Directors – There shall be nine directors elected from the

    membership.  Each director shall hold office for a period of

    three years or until a successor is installed.  The directors

    shall serve staggered terms in order to provide continuity on the Board.  Therefore, three new directors retire from the Board each year and three new directors are elected for three

    year terms.  It shall be endeavored that directors be chosen

                                                 from different eras in order that each era is represented.  The

    Board should represent the makeup of the entire organization

    whenever possible.  Any director who completes a term of (3) three years will be eligible to return to office as a Director after an absence of one year from the office.


    SECTION      2.                   Each officer shall take office at the beginning of the calendar

                                                 year and shall serve a term as defined in Art. V sec. 1, unless






                                                 a vacancy occurs.  (see Art. VI Sec 3).  No Board Member

                                                (as defined in Art. IV Sec. 1) or committee member of this

                                                 Association shall receive any compensation for service

                                                 rendered to the Association.




SECTION      1.                   ELECTIONS:    The 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, and three

                                             Directors shall be elected by the duly qualified members of

                                             the Association voting at the Annual Meeting.


SECTION       2.                   NOMINATIONS:  The Nominating Committee shall prepare              

                                              and submit to the Board a list of nominees for the office of

                                              2nd Vice President, Treasurer and three Board Members.

                                              All candidates shall have given prior consent to be




SECTION     3.                     VACANCIES:   Vacancies on the Board will be filled by a

                                              majority vote of the Board until the Annual Meeting, at

                                              which time, the office shall be filled during the elections at

                                              the Annual Meeting.





SECTION     1.                    PRESIDENT – The President shall be the Chief Executive

                                             Officer of the Association an serve as Chairman of both the

                                             Board and Executive Committee.  The President shall also

                                             serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and shall

                                             make all required appointments of standing and special

                                             Committees to include chairperson.


  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the

                                                       Association and at all meetings of the Board.  In the event

                                                       of the President’s absence the President-Elect shall serve

                                                       in the President’s place.


  2. At the Annual Meeting and at such other times as

    deemed proper, the President shall communicate

    to the members such matters and make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare and

    increase the usefulness of the Association.  The President

    shall perform such other duties as necessary incident

    to the office.





    SECTION    2.                      PRESIDENT-ELECT – The President-Elect shall assist

                                                  The President in the administration of the Association;

                                                  coordinate the operation of the Lettermen’s Lounge; be

                                                  be responsible for informing newly elected officers and

                                                  directors of procedures; i.e., copies of Constitution and

                                                  and scheduled events, etc….


    SECTION    3 .                      1st VICE PRESIDENT – The 1st Vice President shall be

    Chairman of the Football Team Cookout Committee,

     be responsible for the progress of all Special Committees;  and shall perform such duties as are designated and assigned by the President or the Board.  The 1st Vice  President shall also perform the duties of President-Elect in the event that the President-Elect is unable to serve.


    SECTION     4.                      2ND VICE PRESIDENT – The 2nd Vice President shall

                                                   be  the Chairman of the Membership Committee.  The 2nd

                                                   Vice President shall also perform the duties of the 1st

                                                   Vice President in the event that the 1st Vice President is

                                                   unable to serve.


    SECTION      5.                     TREASURER – The Treasurer shall oversee the

                                                  Association’s funds and records; the collection of

                                                  dues; the establishment of proper accounting pro-

                                                  cedures for the handling of the Association funds;

                                                  and shall report on the financial condition of

                                                  the Association at all meetings of the Board and at

                                                  other times as called by the President.  The Treasurer

                                                  will serve as Chairman of the Varsity Sports Cookout.


    SECTION     6.                    HISTORIAN – The Historian shall research and

                                                 provide history data when requested and shall serve

                                                 on the Committee appointed to place memorabilia

                                                 approved by the Board in the Lettermen’s Lounge.


    SECTION     7.                    IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT – The Immediate

                                                 Past President shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating

                                                Committee and shall perform such duties as are

                                                delegated and assigned by the President.










    SECTION    8.                    ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR – The Admin-

    istrative Coordinator shall oversee the proper recording of   proceeding of meetings of the Association and the Board, and shall ensure that accurate records are kept of all members and transactions of the Executive Committee.  Coordinator shall

                                                see that all notices are duly given in accordance with

                                                the Constitution.


                                                    ARTICLE VIII      EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE


    SECTION    1.                     COMPOSITION – The Executive Committee shall 

                                                 consist of the President, President-Elect, 1st Vice

                                                 President, 2nd Vice President, and Treasurer.



    SECTION       2.                  AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY -  The

                                                 Executive Committee may act in place and instead

                                                 of the Board between Board meetings on all matters,

                                                 except those specifically reserved to the Board by

                                                 the Constitution.  The Executive Committee shall

                                                 prepare and present to the Board an annual operating



                                                         ARTICLE    IX     ANNUAL MEETING


    SECTION     1.                     There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Association

                                                  each year on a date and at a time determined by the

                                                  Board.  Written notice of the Annual Meeting,

                                                  Nomination Committee’s recommendations for

                                                  office, and proposed constitutional amendments

                                                  must be mailed or E-mailed to the duly qualified membership

                                                  thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting.


    SECTION     2.                     The Annual Meeting shall consist of; but not limited

                                                  to, the President’s Report; Financial Report; any

                                                  committee report deemed necessary and informative

                                                  to the Association; and an open forum with the Board

                                                  and the members in attendance.


    SECTION     3.                     AGENDA – no new matter may be taken up by the

                                                  Association at its Annual Meeting which is either not

                                                  shown on the official agenda of the Annual Meeting

                                                  or approved by a majority of the Board; provided,

                                                  however, that any new matter not on the official







                                                  agenda may be taken up if written notice of such new

                                                  matter has been given to the President by at least two

                                                  members of the Board or ten (10) duly-qualified

                                                  members of the Association at least (30) days prior

                                                   to said Annual Meeting.


    SECTION      4.                     The Association shall hold such other meetings as shall

                                                   be called by the President or in writing by five (5)

                                                   percent of the duly-qualified members or twenty (20)

                                                   members, whichever is less.  Such meeting shall be

                                                   limited to a stated written agenda.



    SECTION      5.                     Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall govern all

                                                  debate and discussions from the floor at all meetings

                                                   provided Robert’s Rules or Order, revised, does not

                                                   conflict with any rule adopted by the Association.


    SECTION      6.                      Removal of funds from USC Educational Foundation

                                                   for the use of the Association.



  1. The Board of Directors, by a majority vote of two-thirds of its members, may approve the withdrawal

    of no more than 15% of the then current principle balance of the Association’s total funds in the

    Educational Foundation annually.  The Association

    must  use  10% of the 15% for approved projects as directed by the Board of Directors.  The remaining 5% may be used as directed by the Board of Directors.


  2. All other funds requested by the Association must 

    be by a majority vote of the membership at any

    membership meeting as long as not less than ten

    (10) members are present and a 30 day notice of

such request in a particular amount has been sent and the reasons for the requested amounts are given.  No upward amendment to increase the request without an additional 30 day notice will be acceptable.


  1. The USC Educational Foundation is to have a copy

    of the constitutional amendment to be placed in the

    Association’s file as a restriction on the expenditures of the Association’s funds in the

    said Foundation.






SECTION     1.                     All Committees and chairmen shall be appointed by the

                                             President, except otherwise provided by the Constitution.


SECTION     2.                    There shall be Standing Committees at follows:


  1. Nominating – The Nominating Committee shall have

    no less than three (3) active members.  The committee

    shall consist of the Immediate Past President, as Chairman,  and a minimum of (2) members At Large (preferably Past Presidents).


  1. The Nominating Committee shall nominate

    candidates for each office to be filled.

  2. No member of the Nominating Committee


    shall be eligible for nomination to an office.


  1. Membership – The Membership Committee shall have

    no less than (3) active members.  The committee shall

    consist of the 2nd Vice President, as Chairman, and a minimum of (2) members At Large.


                                                 (c )   Senior Dessert Ceremony- If needed, the Senior Dessert

                                                         Chairman shall be appointed by the President.



             (d)  Hall of Fame – The Hall of Fame Committee shall

    consist of nine (9) members of the Association of Lettermen  plus the President, for a total of 10.   The President shall attend all meetings when possible and become a voting member if a committee member cannot fulfill his or her duties.  Members are to be selected by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Board. (see ART. XIII).


  1. Public Relations – The Public Relations Committee

                                                        shall consist of a minimum of one (1) member.


    SECTION    3.                      There may be Special Committees, i.e., the following:

    (a) Varsity  Sports Cookout            e. Spring Game

    (b) Football Team Cookout            f. Golf Tournament

                                                  (c) Lettermen’s Lounge                  g. Networking Seminar

    (d) Hall of Fame Ceremony            h. Senior Dessert Ceremony






                 ARTICLE   XI      FINANCE


    SECTION    1.                      Fiscal Period – The fiscal period of the Association shall

                                                  be determined by the Board in compliance with the NCAA



    SECTION     2.                    Budget – The Board shall consider the recommendations

                                                 of the Executive Committee and shall adopt in advance of

                                                 the next fiscal period an annual operating budget covering

                                                 all activities of the Association.


    SECTION      3.                    The financial records of the Association shall at a minimum

                                                  be reviewed annually by an Accountant who shall report

                                                  to the Board.  The financial records shall be open for review

                                                  by any duly-qualified member 


              ARTICLE    XII     AMENDMENTS


    SECTION      1.                      Any article or section of the Constitution may be amended

                                                   at any Annual Meeting by a two-thirds vote of the duly-

                                                   qualified members present and voting, provided that notice

                                                   such proposed amendment has been submitted to the Board

                                                   for its approval or disapproval together with any reason for

                                                   such endorsement which the said Board may care to make

                                                   or an amendment may be made without notice upon a

                                                   three-fourths (3/4) vote of the duly qualified members

                                                   present and voting at an Annual Meeting.


                                                    ARTICLE   XIII      HALL OF FAME


    SECTION     1.                       COMMITTEE ORGANIZATION:  There  will be

                             a Hall of Fame Chairman appointed by the President.

                            There shall be a Selection Committee of nine (9)                                                   

    voting  members, to include the Chairman, plus the President,

    for a total of 10.

    Three (3) members each will be appointed

                                                    for terms of 1, 2, and 3 years.  Three (3) members will

                                                    be appointed each year for a three (3) year term. Of the

                                                    three (3) members appointed each year, at least one

                                                    must have earned a letter in a sport other than football.

                                                    Each year the three (3) new members should represent

                                                    different eras of USC athletics.








    A non-voting member will be an appointed liaison from the

                                                    Athletic Department. This liaison will co-ordinate the input

                                                    for nominations from the coaching staff of each varsity

                                                    team at USC.



                                                    INDUCTEE SELECTION: A former athlete must have

                                                    completed his or her career a minimum of five years prior

                                                    to being nominated for the Hall of Fame.  There may be a

                                                    maximum of 7 former athletes elected to the Hall of Fame

                                                    in a given year, no more than 3 who played football.  There

                                                    may be a maximum of 1 special nominee elected in a given



                                                    To be elected to the Hall of Fame, a former athlete must

                                                    receive a minimum of 6 votes from the 9 member voting



                                                    SPECIAL – a special nominee may be someone who

                                                    contributed greatly to the Athletics Department. 

                                                    A special nominee must receive a minimum of 6 votes from

                                                    the  Hall of Fame Committee for selection.


                                                    All selections shall be presented to the Approval

                                                    Committee for it’s consideration.  The Approval

                                                    Committee shall consist of:  the Chairman of the Board

                                                    of Trustees; President of the University of South Carolina;

                                                    the President of the Alumni Association; the Director of

                                                    Athletics, and the President of the Association of

                                                    Lettermen.  A minimum of three (3) votes will approve

                                                    a selection and the individual shall then be considered



                                                    ELIGIBILITY – Any athlete is eligible five (5) years after

                                                    completing their eligibility at the University  and has

                                                    lettered in a varsity sport.


                                                    INDUCTION – All inductions to the Hall of Fame shall be

                                                    at an appropriate ceremony as prescribed by The

                                                    Association.  Appropriate plaques describing the athletes’     

                                                    Accomplishments shall be displayed in an area designated by                  

                                                    the Board of Trustees and in the Lettermen’s Lounge.








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