- The USC Association of Lettermen was founded in 1965 to perpetuate fellowship among alumni who have earned varsity letters in any of the intercollegiate sports sponsored by the University of South Carolina and to bond with the administration in promoting Gamecock athletics. For 49 years the Lettermen of the University of South Carolina have come together to support the Ideals that were learned on the playing fields and in the classrooms of their alma mater. The association sponsors student athletes, their teams and coaching staffs. Involvement includes events to welcome freshmen to the University and its lifestyle, scholarship donations, the USC Athletic Hall of Fame, annual banquets and events as well as presentation of senior rings in a ceremony climaxing the career of each athlete.

Membership - Activities of the USC Association of Lettermen are financed through membership dues and proceeds from fund raising activities. Membership is open to anyone who has earned one or more letters in any of the male and female varsity sports sponsored by the University of South Carolina. One year free for new graduates. The membership year runs from January through December and dues are $50.00 before February 28, 2015 and $60.00 after February 28, 2015.

Lifetime Membership - The lifetime membership fee will be $750.00.  When a lifetime member becomes deceased, his or her spouse will continue to receive all the benefits of membership until his or her death. After the death of the spouse, the funds will remain with the Lettermen's Association.

Membership Cards -  Each lifetime member will receive a lifetime membership card and every other regular paid member will receive a membership card annually. Current membership cards will admit a lettermen and three guests to the Lettermen's Lounge. Additional guests will be admitted for the minimum charge of $5.00 each. Members and guest are invited to visit the Lettermen's Lounge for food, drinks, closed circuit television and the renewal of old friendships.

Honorary Membership - The association also has a limited number of honorary lifetime members selected for contributions to the betterment of University of South Carolina Intercollegiate Athletics.

Governing Body - The USC Association of Lettermen is governed by elected officials who serve year to year and a board of directors whose terms run on a three year rotation.

Annual Events (Sponsored by the USC Association of Lettermen) - Check the Event Calendar for details.

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